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Transformers Machine Renegade

Size: 1.71 MB
How to play:
Enter the dam and obtain the allspark without being detected. All spark cube is very important to be kept away from evil Decepticons. Use the arrow keys to search through the levels in order to find the spark. Press enter to switch to vending machine mode. Being in that move humans will not be able to see you or find you. Interact with glowing objects by pressing the spacebar.
Your mission is to get the Allspark cube before Decepticons. Help the Transformer get undetected into the dam and find the Cube. A long time ago, even before the beginning of time there was the Cube. It was created by the higher power to safeguard inside itself the all-mighty Allspark. The Allspark is known to give life to everything and anything that ever came to be in the Universe. Perhaps the Universe itself. As the Optimus Prime said when he talked about the origins of his race, "Before time began, there was... the Cube. We know not where it comes from, only that it holds the power to create worlds and fill them with life. That is how our race was born...". Since the power of the Cube containing the Allspark was too much for any individual or race to hold on to, the Autobots have thrown it into the far corner of the Universe to stop the Decepticons or anyone else to find it and use its power.

As the eons went by the location of the Cube was lost. But somehow, as it usually happens, the Cube found its way to Earth and lay there hidden deep underground for some time. Than, the humans built the dam on the very site the Allspark lay dormant and hidden. They discovered it and now they are thinking of how to put it to use. The best and the brightest of earths scientist are working on it, trying to decipher all ... - See more at: http://www.transformersdecepticons.com/game/4319/Capture-the-Cube.html#sthash.NyeeFcmf.dpuf
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